Welcome! Ocean Vision is pleased to announce the release of our new website www.oceanvision.com.au!

The new website represents a visual re-design (we hope you like it!) that incorporates our new logo. We are also announcing a new offering within our services business and paving the way for the introduction of some new hardware & software products.


New Services Offering – Biostatistics and Spatial Analysis

Ocean Vision has been offering benthic habitat mapping and benthic invertebrate identification services since 2008. This new offering represents a refinement of services in response to the evolving needs within the marine and environmental communities, within both government and commercial sectors.

We are pleased to introduce a new range of specialist professional services for biostatistical analysis of marine and related data. This is a complete package of services for those conducting studies surveying and monitoring marine ecosystems that includes sampling design, statistical analysis, data presentation, report writing. These services are enhanced by Ocean Vision’s strong background in the spatial analysis of marine data using GIS (Geographic Information Systems).


New Products Coming Soon

Since 2008 Ocean Vision has been offering a range of specialist engineering services providing sensors, cameras, electronics and computing equipment adapted for use by scientists within the marine environment.

We are pleased to announce that we will be shortly releasing a range of sensors, electronics and computers specifically for use within the marine and similarly harsh  environments such as the Australian outback.

Keep an eye on our website for details!