Our Team

Ocean Vision Environmental Research was founded by Matt Harvey and Michelle Wildsmith to provide specialised consulting services focused on theĀ  monitoring of marine and estuarine environments.

Matt and Michelle form the foundation of the Ocean Vision team. They are aided by an experienced management team and complemented by other consultants and contractors to provide manufacturing services and information technology & communications support as required.

The management team forms Ocean Vision’s Board of Directors:

  • Matt Harvey, PhD, BSc(Hons)
  • Michelle Wildsmith, PhD, BSc(Hons)
  • Daniel Harvey, MAICD, BEng(Hons)
  • Colin Wildsmith, BEng(Hons)

Matt and Michelle’s professional bio’s are summarised below.


Dr Matthew Harvey


Matt’s primary focus at Ocean Vision is in modelling and mapping marine and estuarine habitats using remotely sensed data and geographic information systems and in designing and manufacturing remote aquatic data collection and integration systems.

He is also in charge of engineering services, software development and technical product development within Ocean Vision.

Matt is a director of Ocean Vision Environmental Research Pty Ltd.



During his five years of post-graduate research, Matt gained extensive experience in several key areas.

  • The use of hyperspectral and multispectral imagery for identifying and mapping marine habitats and ecological processes.Devising monitoring and planning schemes for aquatic systems using image-based tools in GIS frameworks.
  • Designing remote sampling systems and ecological data integration platform.
  • The use of a range of geographic information systems (GIS) to provide maps, predictive models and digital bathymetry models.
  • Development of customised GIS applications and tools to provide robust and repeatable solutions for a range of specific research questions.


Dr Michelle Wildsmith


Michelle heads up Ocean Vision’s services division and acts an Principal Consultant for most consulting work undertaken by the company.

Her specialist roles at Ocean Vision is in overseeing all work relating to the identification of benthic macroinvertebrate taxa and in the analysis of aquatic faunal and environmental data.

Michelle is a director of Ocean Vision Environmental Research Pty Ltd.



Michelle has had nine years of research experience in both marine and estuarine ecology during her PhD and employment with the Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research at Murdoch University.

During this time she was involved with:

  • The development of a statistically-based habitat classification scheme for estuaries in south-western Australia (as part of her PhD; available on request).
  • The design and implementation of environmental and faunal sampling regimes for marine and estuarine environments in south-western Australia.
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of environmental and aquatic faunal data.
  • Detailed scientific report writing.