EcoPAAS is a new concept in image analysis software that will provide users with advanced capabilities for classifying underwater habitats. We live in a world where remote sampling devices have facilitated the collection of large amounts of data in relatively short periods of time. EcoPASS provides a way of processing these vast data sets quickly and consistently, providing a sound yet flexible classification framework and a variety of data visualisation and export options.

However, the key to the EcoPAAS approach is a completely contained workflow that manages the imagery from the time it is imported into the system, until the analysis results are exported for presentation or further statistical analysis.

So what does EcoPAAS mean?






Images can be imported from a range of collection methodologies including:

  1. Diver swim still image transects
  2. Diver swum video transects
  3. Drop camera still images
  4. Towed video data
  5. BRUV Video data
  6. Stereo BRUV data

Images can be analysed using EcoPAAS utilising a range of analysis techniques including:

  1. Point intercept analysis (random, systematic or structured random point overlay patterns)
  2. Rapid Assessment (User estimated % cover of key habitats (e.g. Hard coral cover)

This software is the result of over five years of extensive Research & Development by Ocean Vision, including extended field trials which has included the successful processing and analysis of over 10,000 images to date.

EcoPAAS will be available for purchase and download later in 2014.