We provide a range of specialist consulting services focused on and assisting clients monitoring marine and estuarine environments.

The seafloor is a highly diverse environment containing a range of benthic habitats including coral and algal reefs, seagrass meadows and bare sands & muds. Many benthic environments in coastal areas contain a combination of these habitats, often in complex mosaics, and provide food and shelter for diverse assemblages of marine organisms including many commercially significant species.

Ocean Vision undertakes the production of high-quality benthic habitat maps for clients to assist them with the management of marine ecosystems. We utilise a wide range of remotely sensed data sources and classification techniques to map a diverse range of benthic habitats in marine waters.

We provide specialist professional services for biostatistical analysis of marine and related data. This is a complete package of services for those conducting studies surveying and monitoring marine ecosystems that includes sampling design, statistical analysis, data presentation, report writing.

These services are enhanced by Ocean Vision’s strong background in the spatial analysis of marine data using GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Benthic invertebrate assemblages are important components of marine and estuarine environments. They provide food for commercial and recreational fisheries and are sensitive indicators of anthropogenic impacts to these systems. Knowledge of the types of invertebrates that comprise these assemblages is thus crucial for establishing an understanding of marine and estuarine ecosystem health.

We provide a range of services to environmental managers for the design and implementation of robust sampling regimes for monitoring invertebrate assemblages, including reliable & accurate identification and comprehensive statistical analyses and reporting.