Biostatistics and Spatial Analysis

Ocean Vision provides a range of specialist professional services for biostatistical analysis of marine and related data. In addition, we have a strong background in the spatial analysis of marine data using GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and are able to apply statistical techniques and data presentation methods with the spatial context of the marine habitat and data correctly treated.

We provide a range of specialist analytical services relating to the surveying and monitoring of marine ecosystems, including:

  • Sampling design,
  • Statistical analysis,
  • Data presentation, and
  • Provision of detailed reports

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Sampling Design


We provide robust sampling designs for surveying and monitoring marine faunal communities and environmental variables. Our service in this area is focussed on providing a framework that ensures that the resultant data collected enables statistical analyses to be applied appropriately and the objectives of a study to be addressed.

Our experience includes the design of sampling regimes for benthic infaunal assemblages, fish, coral and algal reef assemblages as well as the environmental variables that influence their distributions such as those associated with coastal morphology, exposure, sediment and water quality.

We believe that in any data collection and analysis programme, sound sampling design is crucial, as the correctness and completeness of the data collected underpins the entire process.


Statistical Analysis


Ocean Vision has extensive experience in the application of a range statistical techniques for analysing marine organisms and environmental data.

Our technical expertise covers the breadth of analysis techniques in use within the marine and environmental scientific communities, including:

  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for univariate data;
  • Multivariate techniques and tests such as
    1. Non-metric MDS,
    2. Analysis of Similarities (ANOSIM),
    3. Similarity Percentages (SIMPER),
    4. Permutational Multivariate Analysis of Variance (PERMANOVA), and
    5. Cluster & PCA analyses;
  • Statistical matching techniques for investigating the relationships between biological and environmental variables;
  • Techniques that determine statistically valid habitat types that can be used to investigate faunal communities; and
  • Statistical techniques for investigating taxonomic diversity.


We believe that thorough analysis by qualified scientists is key to obtaining good information from collected field data.


Data Presentation


Our service includes the presentation of marine data in professional graphical and tabular formats. These range from those that are relatively simple such as species tables containing a range of simple descriptive statistics such as mean abundance, density, number of species and/or various diversity indices to those that illustrate the results of statistical tests for particular variables or assemblages such as interaction plots for ANOVAs and nMDS plots for multivariate data.

Excellent presentation of analysis results ensure that the results of collection and analysis can be communicated effectively with a target audience.


Report Writing


Ocean Vision staff are able to provide professional scientific reports ready for presentation. We have experience in academic report writing, publishing for scientific journals and commercial environmental studies & reports.

We are able to compile complete study reports detailing all aspects of the scientific work, from high-level executive summaries through to the detail of data collection and analysis. At all levels we can provide relevant, compelling and in-depth discussion & commentary on the ecology of marine ecosystems and their fauna – ensuring that reports are accurate and still communicate effectively with the target audience.

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